So…. What is going on over at the Seahorse?

So…. What is going on over at the Seahorse?
Good question.  Maybe we aren’t so sure ourselves.  It is a work and progress that is based on some ideas we have while making adjustments for the evolution of the neighborhood.
This part of Pacifica has changed dramatically since our family purchased the building in 2005 especially the immediate surrounding neighborhood.  We have a responsibility as a steward of the land to change with it so that your property values continue to grow and folks feel like the nearby businesses are their partner in a quality community.
The need for a comfortable and clean place to have cold beer as part of a visit to the pier or after a hard day’s work- this hasn’t changed.  However, today’s focus is on the quality of the beer rather than the quantity.

The name of the business kind of gives it away- we plan to brew some beer.  If you like our beer we will brew a lot of it.  After many travels around the planet, we have found that quite a few people, including some of our neighbors up and down the coast, are really really good at brewing beer and have set the bar pretty high.  So high, in fact, that it is probably a good idea to offer their beer, too.  Beer isnt everybody’s first choice of a beverage so we are thinking that fine wines, interesting sakes, and some refreshing seltzers infused with our own grown fresh fruit might be good to round out the drink menu.

We have been in an international maritime business for more years than we want to admit and it has sent us all over the place.  After drinking craft beers in more than 30 nations, and on every continent on the globe, we came up with the idea of bringing some of these great drinks here, in a nautical themed environment, and having a couple of small snacks inspired by the same ports of call from where these beers were found.  What is a nautical environment without fresh smoked fish?  A terrible one we say!  So, expect fresh caught local salmon and other water creatures to make their final delicious appearance right here at the seahorse.

When is this going to happen?  Pretty soon….. no, we really mean it this time…pretty soon.  We have been painting and cleaning, and haggling over the price of equipment and filling out permit applications and all this seems to be coming together.  We expect that the doors will open in December…. or January but no later than that.  When we open we will have a few beers on tap, a few wines, a couple bottles of sake, and a couple of small bites coming out of the cooker.  We aren’t going to open with a lot of fanfare.  We aren’t planning on keeping up with the crazy tech money thrown into some of the tap rooms around the Bay Area.  We will grow as you grow with us.  Comfy sofas, a warm fireplace, nice tables for games, conversation, or your unsociable tablet are all waiting for opening day and we look forward to serving you.

If you are looking to work here, or are a brew master, or are a concerned neighbor who wants to make sure that we aren’t going to have heavy metal bands playing until 2:00AM, we are happy to hear from you.  Please drop us a line in the contact box.

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